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icon Lucy Davie
3 Years

45 X 95", Acrylic, Spray Paint, Oil pastel, Ink, Cotton.


Lucy Davie Lucy Davie Lucy Davie

icon Alex Wilmoth
Cubicle Friends

wine sir?


Alex Wilmoth Alex Wilmoth Alex Wilmoth

icon James Bragg
Aspect of me

photography, photogrammetry and 3D digital models


icon Harriet Fidkin
Pressure of the Swarm (facehugger//bug)

open your palms
and release the spores.

vespers for the immaculate conception.

are they headed for
metal star
or wood star?


Harriet Fidkin facehugger Harriet Fidkin little bug

icon Katharine Platts

Film title: Immortal Utopias

Publication (pdf) title: Descent to Planet X
(click on left image to open publication)

Katharine Platts webpage

icon Kaynat
oh it's nothing
extraterrestrials probably look more human than you think

Unsaid letters to be read or not read?


Kaynat Kader Kaynat Kader

icon Lauren Parry
Lives in miniature


Lauren Parry Lauren Parry

icon Rosa Brown
Series of Book Works

This project displays a series of book works that include experiments with alternative printing, binding and folding methods. Each book was created uniquely ranging from arranged images and text on a computer before printing to experimental prints using vegetables and other found objects. My aim was to create a collection of handmade books of different sizes and methods.

Rosa Brown Rosa Brown Rosa Brown Rosa Brown

icon Immy Scobie
The Dinner Party

This film uses found objects and the story is led naturally. ‘An animal's waste becomes another animal's fuel’. This work explores thoughts of violence within nature and human manipulation over animals.


icon Kei Langley
triptych of needs

A new personal perspective into the complexity self fulfilment, with inspiration from Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

keikeikei webpage

Kei Langley

icon Amy Crozier

During lockdown I've been unable to collect collage materials as normal so I've been working on collages combining my grans ‘woman and home’ and ‘flower arranger’ magazines with materials I already had collected such as music magazines and old beer and cigarette adverts. I was interested in the contrast between the different materials and what discussions I could make with them!


Amy Crozier

icon Alice Hay
I am mortal
It's a poem about my mental breakdown.

icon Klaudia Ostropolska
Palm Trees

Emulating the chaotic nature of nature, through inhibiting the sense of sight, while creating landscapes from memory, bringing nature from the outside in during a time of social distancing and self-isolation. By giving up control of one sense, I begin to have more control over another, teaching me that a lack of control doesn't have to be seen as a limitation but rather a positive opportunity for one to learn something new. It is important to remember that negative experiences, however difficult they may be, bring necessary learning opportunities.


Klaudia Ostropolska Klaudia Ostropolska Klaudia Ostropolska Klaudia Ostropolska

icon Jacob Trood

Looking at bee decline and the time limits that are put on their life, it was important to address the thought of bees and humans working together. The hourglass- a symbol of time running out. We can't stop the honey running through but we can stop all of the time running out, just turn the hourglass over. Human intervention is important to save the bees. The other pieces look more into bees and humans working together. The clocks are broken, time has stopped, the bees are trying to fix it. They build honeycomb trying to hold time together but it's not enough, we must do more, working with the bees we can get their time going again. We must not give up.


Jacob Trood Jacob Trood Jacob Trood Jacob Trood

icon Isabella Chung

Isabella Chung Isabella Chung

icon Alice Worne

1- Running is one thing, what about racing? 56x40"
2- Untitled, 30x20"
3- Not on your parents' dime 36x30"


Alice Worne Alice Worne Alice Worne

icon Nathan Bliss
Pascal's abyss

A lost connection? I managed to located a compelling word using only the Fibonacci sequence: abyss (page 3, word 8 of the dictionary). I then also found a poem that resonates with my practice, titled "The Abyss" by Charles Baudelaire, 1961. This is painting one hundred and forty four.

Nathan Bliss

icon Esmee Turlej

exploring what it means to have a strong feminine nature, inspired by The Wild Woman archetype.


Esmee Turlej Esmee Turlej Esmee Turlej

icon Reuben Greenough
Receipt poetry 1,2

Focusing on my surroundings during quarantine I have been typing my thoughts from my window, commenting on various passers by and the influence they have on the day. The receipt is used as an endless means in which to place my thoughts.


Reuben Greenough Reuben Greenough Reuben Greenough

icon Ellie Morgan Clegg

The first painting consists of acrylic paint and charcoal on canvas, and the second is spray paint, acrylic paint and charcoal on wood. They explore my obsessive relationship with structure and routine, and how I'm dealing with the loss of that during COVID. Through shape and colour I found that I was able to process some of the hectic or frantic moods I've been in due to going from constantly keeping myself busy to now not being able to do (basically) anything.


Ellie Morgan Clegg Ellie Morgan Clegg

icon Ellen Lynch

A series exploring the false nostalgia born from contemporary youths fascination for the retro.


Ellen Lynch Ellen Lynch

Ellen Lynch Ellen Lynch
Ellen Lynch

icon Charlotte Ashcroft-Booth
Project name: Body

Mediums include ash, cigarette ends, 35mm, Polaroid, ink, nature, hair, canvas fabric, ink

Introspection and absurdism provoked the intimate process and direction of an eclectic exploration of myself. As a response to the unquestionable chaos of the universe, I apprehended the parts of it relevant to me through indiscriminate practice. Moods, compulsions, reflections and obsessions create a collage of neoteric disclosures or connections within me.


Charlotte Ashcroft-Booth Charlotte Ashcroft-Booth Charlotte Ashcroft-Booth

icon April Kirkwood

Eyes on Feet
Up and Down
Untitled Portrait

April Kirkwood April Kirkwood

icon Alice Fitzpparsons


Alice Fitzpparsons

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